Friday, June 4, 2010

FETNA 2010

Indian Tamil Opera in American Diaspora—South Asian Street Play Hits the Palace Theater

WHAT: FeTNA 2010 (Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America) Annual Convention

This 4th of July weekend, Waterbury, Connecticut will be transformed and will bristle with activities of glamour, grandeur and international color. The Tamils of North America will host their biggest annual conference in Waterbury, Connecticut this Independence weekend. FeTNA is a non-profit, nonpartisan, literary, cultural organization and its conference attracts nearly 2,000 South East Asian Indian Tamils each year.

So is it a Convention? Is it a Carnival? Is it a Cultural fair? Well, it’s a bit of everything. Everyone has something to look forward to! Tamil is recognized as a classical language in India. It is one of the ancient languages of the Dravidian Era with a recorded history that dates back two millennia. Come enjoy its rich cultural heritage!
Rejoice in meeting real Indian “Golly wood” artists, film and music directors, eminent speakers and poets, soap opera stars and other famous Indian personalities. Don’t let the language be a barrier. Even if you are non-Tamilian there is so much for the eyes, the ears and the palate.

Tamils from all over the United States will get to showcase their talent in this three-day mega event. The main function starts on July 4th with a warm welcome for the chief guests with special music and children’s procession, followed by a variety of performances. There is plenty of arts, crafts, and don’t forget the great, authentic cuisine, which is worth coming for alone!

WHEN: July 3rd, 4th and 5th (Insert Times)

WHERE: Palace Theater, Waterbury CT

The stage is set to receive the all the special guests from India! For those who are familiar with Tamil arts and literature, the following, among others, will honor the convention with their participation and presence:

 Famous Cinema Director Bharathraja
 Famous Movie Star Vikram
 Young female heart throb Movie Star Trisha
 Comedian Actor Santhanam
 Tamil Poet Thamarai
 Tamil Professor Parveen Sultana
 Tamil Spiritual Leader Marudhachal Adigalar

Saturday, July 3rd:
Special Tamil folk opera called “Madhurai Veeran” (the hero of city Madurai, in Tamilnadu) in a Therukoothu format. This is a street play like a village theater with simple props and informal interaction with the audience that makes it very entertaining. The artists are from India are specially trained in this type of performance format. (Insert time)

Sunday, July 4th:
Sunday will be filled with light music of Tamil movies by famous music directors and singers from India.

In addition, many U.S.-based Tamil groups will also perform and parallel tracks will contain:

 Continuing Medical Education (CME)
 Entrepreneur Forum
 Singles’ Forum
 Young Tamils Forum

TICKETS: To view a video of the upcoming event and to register for tickets, go to The event is expected to sell out so don’t wait!

For the last 23 years, the Federation of Tamil Sangam of North America (FeTNA) has been an umbrella organization for nearly 40 local organizations. Annually it holds an annual conference where Tamils of North America unite, celebrate their culture, recognize community achievements, organize professional forums, and enjoy music, dance, literature and theatrical performances.

The entire convention is planned with such intricate details under the able and dynamic leadership of Dr. Pazhani Sundaram of Connecticut who is the primary coordinator of the Convention, and also the Secretary for FeTNA. She will soon take over FeTNA as the President. President Dr. Muthuvel Chellaiah joined hands with Sundaram by providing every support. Hundreds of volunteers are working tirelessly to make this event a great success so that the Tamils earn a place in Connecticut history.

CONTACT: For all media inquiries and a free press pass, please contact (details)

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